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All Organics
All Organic Groceries
Coconut Oil-Virgin-Organic-Eco Inspirations-310ml - Each Save $2.36$7.99ea
Four Leaf-Muesli-Gluten Free-Organic-800g - Each Save $1.71$11.99ea
Honey Raw-Organic-KI Living Honey-500gm - Each Save $1.00$9.99ea
Pepper Black Whole-Gourmet Organic-40g - Each Save $0.63$2.99ea
Quinoa Grain-Kindred Organics-1Kg - Each Save $1.70$17.25ea
Biodegradable Packaging
Sponge Cloths-100% Natural-If You Care-5 Pack - Each Save $1.00$6.99ea
ORGANIC-Seasonal Fruit & Veg Box - Each Save $4.00$86.00ea
Apples Royal Gala-ORGANIC-Lunchbox - Kg Save $1.00$0.76ea$6.95kg
Avocadoes-ORGANIC - Each Save $0.85$3.34ea
Bananas-Grima-Organic-in Conversion - Kg Save $1.37$1.02ea$4.62kg
Oranges-ORGANIC-3Kg - Each Save $3.04$6.95ea
Beetroot-ORGANIC - Kg Save $0.60$1.17ea$7.80kg
Lettuce Cos-ORGANIC - Each Save $0.27$4.68ea
Organic-Vegetables-Order by 5pm
Potatoes-Sebago-Brushed-ORGANIC-1KG - Each Save $1.00$3.99ea
Sandwich Loaves
Bread-Sandwich-White-Sliced-650g (2 Pack) - Each Save $0.16$5.99ea
Bread-Sandwich-Wholemeal-Sliced-650g (2 Pack) - Each Save $0.16$5.99ea
Entertainment Box
Meat & Salad Entertainment Box - Each Save $5.01$54.99ea
Meat Bulk Buys
Family Meat Pack - Each Save $9.01$73.99ea
Freezer Family Meat Pack - Each Save $23.00$144.00ea
Freezer Family Meat Pack 2 - Each Save $7.51$69.99ea
Freezer Family Meat Pack 3 - Each Save $12.00$129.00ea
Gourmet BBQ Meat Pack - Each Save $2.01$41.99ea
Meat Freezer Pack - Each Save $25.00$197.00ea
Weekender Meat BBQ Pack - Each Save $8.01$55.99ea
Butter / Spreads
Butter Soft-Mainland-250g - Each Save $2.00$3.99ea
Flavoured Milk
Iced Coffee Double Shot-Fleurieu Milk Co- 500ml - Each Save $0.60$3.19ea
Juices-Mountain Fresh
Mountain Fresh-Super Juice-300ml - Each Save $0.20$3.79ea
Fleurieu Yoghurt-Honey-500gm - Each Save $0.40$5.55ea
Fleurieu Yoghurt-Mango-500gm - Each Save $0.40$5.55ea
Fleurieu Yoghurt-Mixed Berry-500gm - Each Save $0.40$5.55ea
Fleurieu Yoghurt-Passionfruit-500gm - Each Save $0.40$5.55ea
Deli & Eggs
Dips & Pate
Chilli Philly Pourover-250g - Each Save $0.29$5.44ea
Eggs Fresh Laid Caged
Eggs-Extra Large 700g (South Aussie) Dozen - Each Save $0.31$3.89ea
Fish & Seafood
Trout-Rainbow-Smoked-Whole approx 400gm Aust - Kg Save $1.40$13.16ea($32.90kg)
Roses-Long Stem-Pink-Bunch of 10 small heads - Each Save $1.56$12.99ea
Tiger Lily White-5 stems, multiple heads - Each Save $2.00$12.95ea
Tiger Lily Yellow - 5 stems, multiple heads - Each Save $1.00$12.95ea
All Fresh Fruit
Apples-Jazz-Australian Grown - Kg Save $1.00$1.14ea$5.99kg
Apples-Kanzi-Lunchbox - Kg Save $1.00$0.67ea$4.95kg
Apples-Red Delicious-Lunchbox - Kg Save $1.70$0.48ea$3.29kg
Bananas 2nds 1kg - Each Save $0.50$2.79ea
Bananas-Large - Kg Save $1.00$0.63ea$2.99kg
Bananas-Lunchbox - Kg Save $1.00$0.46ea$2.99kg
Blueberries-Punnet (AUS)-125g - Each Save $2.00$4.99ea
Lemons (AUS GROWN) - Kg Save $0.68$0.79ea$4.66kg
Nashi Niji Pears-Magarey SA - Kg Save $1.96$1.19ea$6.99kg
Oranges-Blood (Aus) - Kg Save $1.04$0.89ea$4.95kg
Oranges-Navel-Cara Cara - Kg Save $0.35$1.30ea$4.99kg
Pears-Packham lunchbox-SA - Kg Save $0.25$0.56ea$3.70kg
Strawberries-QLD-Large-250gm - Each Save $0.25$3.60ea
Strawberries-QLD-Medium-250gm - Each Save $0.25$2.95ea
Strawberries-QLD-Medium-250gm-Pack of 2 - Each Save $1.54$5.45ea
Tangeloes-Premium - Kg Save $0.61$1.15ea$4.99kg
Watermelon Quarter-Seedless (Approx 2Kg) - Kg Save $0.49$4.60ea($2.30kg)
Watermelon Whole Uncut-Seedless (Approx 8Kg) - Kg Save $1.20$16.00ea($2.00kg)
Canned Foods
Tomatoes-Diced-Siena-400g - Each Save $0.25$0.99ea
Chocolate-Dairy Milk Cadbury 200gm block - Each Save $0.51$4.99ea
Chocolate-Fruit & Nut Cadbury 200gm block - Each Save $0.51$4.99ea
Chocolate-Roast Almond Cadbury 200g block - Each Save $0.51$4.99ea
Chocolate-Top Deck Cadbury 200gm block - Each Save $0.51$4.99ea
Arnotts-Jatz Original 225g - Each Save $0.30$3.69ea
Croutons-Smoked-60gms - Each Save $0.24$3.75ea
Water-PH8-Natural Alkaline Drinking Water-1.5L - Each Save $0.35$2.95ea
Flour & Bread Mix
Flour-Plain All Purpose-Premium-White Wings-1kg - Each Save $0.58$3.99ea
Flour-Self Raising-Premium-White Wings-1kg - Each Save $0.58$3.99ea
Grains & Seeds
Soup Mix-500gm McKenzie's - Each Save $0.40$1.99ea
Herbs & Spices
GFresh-Nutmeg Whole-32g - Each Save $1.61$1.99ea
Pasta, Noodles & Pasta Sauces
Penne-San Remo-500g - Each Save $0.77$2.98ea
Pastes & Purees
Leggos-Tomato Paste-250g - Each Save $0.22$2.97ea
Rice & Grains
Rice White-Long Grain-Sun Rice-500g - Each Save $0.40$2.15ea
Leggos-Passata Sauce-Italian Herbs with Basil-700g - Each Save $0.30$3.99ea
Tomato Sauce-Fountain-500ml Bonus 50% extra - Each Save $0.27$2.95ea
Saucy Spice Herb & Spice Mixes
Saucy Spice Co-Afghani Lamb-30g - Each Save $0.40$5.55ea
Saucy Spice Co-Beef Madras-35gm - Each Save $0.40$5.55ea
Saucy Spice Co-Beef Massaman-40g - Each Save $0.40$5.55ea
Saucy Spice Co-Beef Rendang-20g - Each Save $0.40$5.55ea
Saucy Spice Co-Butter Chicken-30g - Each Save $0.40$5.55ea
Saucy Spice Co-Chick Tikka Masala-38g - Each Save $0.40$5.55ea
Saucy Spice Co-Javanese Chicken-35g - Each Save $0.40$5.55ea
Saucy Spice Co-Madagascan Chicken-35g - Each Save $0.40$5.55ea
Saucy Spice Co-Punjabi Lamb Shanks-26gm - Each Save $0.40$5.55ea
Saucy Spice Co-Rogan Josh-30g - Each Save $0.40$5.55ea
Saucy Spice Co-Satay Chicken-35g - Each Save $0.40$5.55ea
Saucy Spice Co-Tibetan Lamb Curry-40gm - Each Save $0.40$5.55ea
Stock & Gravy
Gravy-Pepper Gravy Mix-150g GFresh - Each Save $1.16$1.99ea
Health & Beauty
Skin Care
Natural (Sunless) Tanning Lotion-Natures Qst-240ml - Each Save $1.00$13.00ea
Meal-Ready to Go
Beef Recipes
Beef Casserole with Chive Dumplings - Each Save $1.99$18.00ea
Antonios Quality Meals
6 GLUTEN FREE Frozen Meals-Special A - Each Save $8.00$40.00ea
6 GLUTEN FREE Frozen Meals-Special B - Each Save $8.00$40.00ea
6 Pack Frozen Meals-Special 1 - Each Save $8.00$40.00ea
6 Pack Frozen Meals-Special 2 - Each Save $8.00$40.00ea
6 Pack Frozen Meals-Special 3 - Each Save $8.00$40.00ea
6 Pack Frozen Meals-Special 4 - Each Save $8.00$40.00ea
Beef Bones-Marrow-Full - Each Save $1.00$7.99ea
Beef Bones-Marrow-Sliced in half length - Each Save $1.00$7.99ea
Beef Bones-Marrow-Sliced in quarters - Each Save $1.00$7.99ea
Beef-Chuck/Stewing-Diced - Kg Save $2.00$16.99kg
Beef-Chuck/Stewing-Steak-Medium - Kg Save $2.00$5.10ea$16.99kg
Free Entice Magazine
Free Entice Magazine-Beef & Lamb - Each Save $0.00$0.00ea
Beef-Gravy/Shin-Sliced-Medium - Kg Save $1.00$3.20ea$15.99kg
Beef-Gravy/Shin-Sliced-Thick - Kg Save $1.00$3.52ea$15.99kg
Beef-Gravy/Shin-Sliced-Thin - Kg Save $1.00$2.88ea$15.99kg
Beef-Mince-Quality grade-1 KG Pack - EACH Save $1.00$13.59ea
Beef-Mince-Quality grade-500g Pack - EACH Save $0.50$7.00ea
MSA-Beef-Porterhouse-Steak-Medium - Kg Save $3.00$6.00ea$29.99kg
MSA-Beef-Porterhouse-Steak-Med-Pepper Sprinkle - Kg Save $3.00$6.30ea$29.99kg
MSA-Beef-Porterhouse-Steak-Med-Red Wine/Garlic - KG Save $3.00$6.30ea$29.99kg
MSA-Beef-Porterhouse-Steak-Med-Roast Tom/Garlic - Kg Save $3.00$6.30ea$29.99kg
MSA-Beef-Porterhouse-Steak-Med-Tasty BBQ Marinade - Kg Save $3.00$6.30ea$29.99kg
MSA-Beef-Silverside-Gerello Roast-Full - Kg Save $3.00$23.99ea($19.99kg)
MSA-Beef-Silverside-Gerello Roast-Half - Kg Save $3.00$11.99ea($19.99kg)
MSA-Beef-Topside-Roast - Kg Save $1.50$17.99kg
MSA-Beef-Topside-Schnitzel/Crumbed - Kg Save $3.00$4.75ea$18.99kg
Slow Cooker Meals
Chicken-Thigh-Diced-1Kg-Mild Chicken Curry sachet - Each Save $1.00$16.99ea
Meat-Lamb & Pork
Lamb Forequarter
Lamb-Fore 1/4-Chops-Economy Packs-1kg min. wt. - KG Save $3.00$13.99ea$13.99kg
Lamb Leg
Lamb-Leg-Chops - Kg Save $2.00$3.40ea$16.99kg
Lamb-Leg-Chops with savoury and mint sprinkle - KG Save $2.00$3.40ea$16.99kg
Lamb-Leg-Full-2.4 kg approx - Kg Save $1.00$35.98ea($14.99kg)
Lamb-Leg-Half Leg Chump-1.2 kg approx - Kg Save $1.50$17.99ea($14.99kg)
Lamb-Leg-Half Leg Shank-1.4 kg approx - Kg Save $1.50$20.99ea($14.99kg)
Lamb Loin
Lamb-Loin-Chops-Economy Packs-1 KG - Kg Save $2.00$22.99ea($22.99kg)
Pork Loin
PorkLoin Roast,Bonless,Rolled,season 1KgMin RindOn - Kg Save $2.00$19.99kg
Pork-Loin Roast-Boneless-Rolled-1Kg Min Rind On - Kg Save $1.00$19.99kg
Pork-Loin-Boneless-Butterfly - Kg Save $4.00$3.20ea$19.99kg
Pork-Loin-Boneless-Steak - Kg Save $4.00$2.00ea$19.99kg
Pork-Loin-Chops-Economy Pack 1 KG - Kg Save $1.50$18.99ea($18.99kg)
Pork Various
Pork-Diced - Kg Save $2.00$16.99kg
Pork-Diced-400g - Each Save $1.19$6.80ea
Pork-Strips - Kg Save $2.00$16.99kg
Pork-Strips-400g - Each Save $1.19$6.80ea
Chicken Breast
Chicken-Breast-Diced - Kg Save $1.50$15.99kg
Chicken-Breast-Diced-400g - Each Save $0.70$6.99ea
Chicken-Breast-Diced-Lemon - Kg Save $2.00$16.99kg
Chicken-Breast-Minute Steak-Lemon - Kg Save $2.00$1.86ea$16.95kg
Chicken-Breast-Schnitzel-Crumbed - Kg Save $3.00$2.89ea$16.99kg
Chicken-Chick Sticks-Lemon - Each Save $0.20$1.99ea
Chicken Gourmet
Chicken-Florentine-Breast-Spinach,Cheese,Onion - Each Save $1.00$5.99ea
Chicken-Mini Roast-Apricot/Walnut/Raisin stuffing - Each Save $0.70$5.99ea
Chicken-Mini Roast-Cordon Bleu - Each Save $0.70$5.99ea
Chicken-Mini Roast-Cranberry/Apple season-300g - Each Save $0.70$5.99ea
Chicken-Mini Roast-Festive fruity seasoning-300g - Each Save $0.70$5.99ea
Chicken-Mini Roast-Florentine-300g - Each Save $0.70$5.99ea
Chicken-Mini Roast-Fruity cherry seasoning-300g - Each Save $0.70$5.99ea
Chicken-Mini Roast-Kiev-300g - Each Save $0.70$5.99ea
Chicken-Mini Roast-Parmigiana-300g - Each Save $0.70$5.99ea
Chicken-Mini Roast-PistachioCranberryCurrant-300g - Each Save $0.70$5.99ea
Chicken-Mini Roast-Seasoned-300g - Each Save $0.70$5.99ea
Chicken-Mini Roast-Spinach/Feta Seasoning-300g - Each Save $0.70$5.99ea
Chicken-Mini Roast-Sundried Tom/Camembert 300g - Each Save $0.70$5.99ea
Chicken-Mini Roast-Tandoori-300g - Each Save $0.70$5.99ea
Chicken Thigh
Chicken-Thigh-Diced - Kg Save $1.00$15.59kg
Chicken-Thigh-Diced-Lemon - Kg Save $1.00$16.29kg
Chicken Various
Chicken-Mini Roast-Lemon-300g - Each Save $0.70$5.99ea
Chicken-Mixed Wingettes & Drumettes-1Kg minimum - Kg Save $0.50$6.49kg
Chicken Whole bird
Chicken-Whole Bird-Seasoned-1.7kg Approx - Kg Save $1.30$13.58ea($7.99kg)
Chicken-Whole-Pistachio/Cranberry/Raisin-1.7kg - Kg Save $1.00$14.09ea($8.29kg)
Organic Chicken Frozen
Inglewood Org Chicken Sausages-app 400g-FROZEN - Each Save $1.00$11.99ea
Turkey-Free Range-Brst Roll Plain1.8-2.0kg Frozen - Kg Save $4.00$43.98ea($21.99kg)
Sausages-BBQ Thin-Gluten free-1 KG pack - Each Save $0.50$7.49ea
Sausages-British Pork Chipolata-Gluten Free-500g - Each Save $1.50$4.99ea
Sausages-Old English Pork-Thin-GF-FROZEN ap 500g - Kg Save $2.00$4.50ea($8.99kg)
Sausages-Old English Pork-Thin-Gluten Free - Kg Save $3.50$0.63ea$8.99kg
Smallgoods - Various
Fritz-Unsliced-Chapmans-250g - Each Save $1.00$3.99ea
Smoked Hocks (approx wt. 700g) - Kg Save $1.00$7.69ea($10.99kg)
Meat-Veal & Game
Veal-Leg Steak-Schnitzel/Crumbed - KG Save $4.00$4.40ea$21.99kg
Nuts & Nibbles
Dried Fruit
Fruit Wraps-Strawberry & Apple-14gms - Each Save $0.13$0.86ea
Snack Bars
Bellis School Bar Choc Apricot 18g - Each Save $0.10$0.28ea
Designer Shakes-Minimum Order 6 boxes
Designer Shake-Banana Nut-Frozen-6 per Carton - Each Save $20.21$25.99ea
Designer Shake-Cafe Latte-Frozen-6 per Carton - Each Save $20.21$25.99ea
All Vegetables
Asparagus (Peru)-Bunch - Each Save $0.35$5.60ea
Beans-Stringless-300g - Each Save $1.20$4.79ea
Beetroot-Loose - Kg Save $0.45$0.87ea$3.95kg
Broccoli - Kg Save $3.75$1.05ea$3.50kg
Broccolini-Bunch - Each Save $0.73$3.66ea
Brussels Sprouts 1KG - Each Save $2.56$9.60ea
Brussels Sprouts-250gm - Each Save $0.25$2.74ea
Brussels Sprouts-550g - Each Save $0.61$5.38ea
Cabbage-White-Whole - Each Save $1.00$4.95ea
Capsicum-Red - Kg Save $1.04$1.75ea$7.95kg
Celeriac - Each Save $1.00$4.59ea
Cucumber-Continental - Each Save $0.71$1.95ea
Eggplant - Kg Save $1.40$1.89ea$8.59kg
Fennel-Medium - Each Save $0.59$2.40ea
Leeks-Medium Bunch of 3 - Each Save $1.04$3.95ea
Lettuce Mix (Mesculin)-150gms-South Australian - Each Save $0.30$2.95ea
Lettuce-Cos - Each Save $0.45$3.95ea
Lettuce-Standard Iceberg (Bagged) - Each Save $0.33$2.66ea
Mushrooms-Medium-Button - Kg Save $1.00$0.50ea$16.50kg
Mushrooms-Small-Button - Kg Save $1.00$15.50kg
Mushrooms-Small-Button-250gms - Each Save $0.33$3.95ea
Mushrooms-Swiss Brown-Medium-Open - Kg Save $2.88$1.10ea$19.99kg
Onions-Red (AUS) - Kg Save $1.20$0.51ea$3.20kg
Parsnip 500g - Each Save $1.00$4.69ea
Peas-Sugar Snap-150gm - Each Save $1.04$2.95ea
Peas-Sugar Snap-500g - Each Save $2.04$10.95ea
Pumpkin-Butternut-HALF (Approx 900gm) - Kg Save $0.50$3.11ea($3.45kg)
Pumpkin-Butternut-WHOLE (Approx 1.8g) - Kg Save $0.65$5.31ea($2.95kg)
Pumpkin-Jap-Cut - Kg Save $0.46$2.76kg
Silverbeet Bunch - Each Save $0.29$5.20ea
Soup Veg Pack-1KG - Each Save $0.84$3.95ea
Spinach-Baby 100gms - Each Save $1.00$2.49ea
Spinach-Baby-150gm - Each Save $0.80$3.19ea
Sweetpotato-Gold-Small-1kg - Each Save $0.83$2.72ea
Tomatoes-Cherry-250gms - Each Save $0.20$3.60ea
Tomatoes-Cherry-250g-Pack of 2 - Each Save $0.36$6.84ea
Tomatoes-Premium - Kg Save $0.41$0.67ea$4.19kg
Tomatoes-Rainbow Medley-250gm - Each Save $0.40$4.55ea
Tomatoes-Small - Kg Save $0.91$0.30ea$2.99kg
Chillies-Jalapeno-150g - Each Save $1.00$4.99ea
Garlic-Knob-Mexican - Kg Save $2.00$1.70ea($16.95kg)
Parsley-Flat Leaf (Continental)-Bunch - Each Save $0.20$2.40ea
Potatoes-Brushed-Sebago - Kg Save $1.21$0.68ea$3.59kg
Potatoes-Cocktail - Kg Save $0.51$0.27ea$4.44kg
Potatoes-Kestrel - Kg Save $0.96$0.80ea$3.99kg
Potatoes-Maranca-2.5Kg Prepack - Each Save $1.65$3.95ea
Potatoes-Premium - Kg Save $0.10$0.68ea$3.40kg
Potatoes-Premium-Large - Kg Save $1.10$1.12ea$2.80kg
Potatoes-Standard-5KG Prepack - Each Save $1.95$5.85ea
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