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All Organic Groceries
Four Leaf-100pc Wholewheat Flour-Bio-5kg-PreOrder - Each Save $5.00$25.00ea
Green&Blacks Dark Smooth Chocolate Organic 70% 90gm - Each Save $0.30$4.19ea
Milk Chocolate Drops-O.T. 200g NASAA - Each Save $1.00$8.95ea
Soup Amys Kitchen Organic Split Pea 411g - Each Save $0.50$4.25ea
Biodegradable Packaging
Paper Snack & Sandwich Bags-If You Care (48) - Each Save $0.50$7.75ea
Cleaning Products-Eco Friendly
Laundry Liquid-Unq Natural 1 litre - Each Save $0.49$7.50ea
Bananas-Grima-Organic-in Conversion - Kg Save $0.94$0.74ea$4.90kg
Broccoli-Organic - Kg Save $2.00$3.15ea$10.50kg
Cucumber-Lebanese-Organic - Kg Save $1.55$1.39ea$9.95kg
Potatoes-Dutch Cream Brushed Organic 1Kg - Each Save $0.40$5.50ea
Cakes, Buns, Tarts & Slices
Bee Sting - Each Save $0.75$3.75ea
Bun-Finger Fruit - Each Save $0.40$2.50ea
Bun-Finger Fruit (Pack of 2) - Each Save $0.75$4.25ea
Bun-Kitchener - Each Save $0.70$3.50ea
Bun-Streusel - Each Save $0.80$3.40ea
Bun-Sugar Fruit - Each Save $0.40$2.40ea
Bun-Torpedo-Family Size - Each Save $0.85$5.95ea
Custard Berlina - Each Save $0.70$3.50ea
Donut-Apple - Each Save $0.70$3.70ea
Donut-Chocolate - Each Save $0.70$3.20ea
Donut-Cinnamon - Each Save $0.45$2.75ea
Donut-Jam - Each Save $0.70$3.20ea
Donut-Sprinkle - Each Save $0.70$3.20ea
Honey Log - Each Save $0.70$3.50ea
Jam Berlina - Each Save $0.70$3.20ea
Pinky Finger Bun-Fruitless - Each Save $0.15$1.35ea
Slice-Vanilla-200g New (Award Winning) - Each Save $0.85$3.75ea
Tart-Apple Custard - Each Save $0.75$3.75ea
Tart-Custard - Each Save $0.45$2.85ea
Continental Bread
Bread-Cob Loaf Long-Multigrain 450gm - Each Save $0.75$3.25ea
Bread-Cob Loaf Long-White 450gm - Each Save $0.75$3.25ea
Bread-Cob Loaf Long-Wholemeal 450gm - Each Save $0.75$3.25ea
Bread-Cob Loaf Round-White-450gm - Each Save $0.80$3.20ea
Family Size Bakery
Bee Sting Slab - Each Save $2.00$10.00ea
Family Pie (Plain Beef) - Each Save $2.00$10.00ea
Pasty Slice-Family Size - Each Save $2.00$10.00ea
Premium Potato Pie-Family Size - Each Save $2.00$12.00ea
Pies, Pasties & Sausage Rolls
Cheese Kransky - Each Save $0.50$4.50ea
Chilli/Cheese Kransky - Each Save $0.50$4.50ea
Gourmet Pasty-Vegetarian Quinoa & Veg - Each Save $1.25$4.65ea
Gourmet Pie-Curry & Lentil (Vegan) - Each Save $1.20$4.50ea
Gourmet Pie-Tuna - Each Save $1.20$4.50ea
Pasty-Plain - Each Save $1.00$4.50ea
Pie-Meat - Each Save $0.75$4.25ea
Premium Pasty-Cheese & Veg (Vegetarian) - Each Save $1.00$4.50ea
Premium Pasty-Cornish-190g - Each Save $1.15$4.75ea
Premium Pie-Beef, Cheese & Bacon - Each Save $1.05$4.65ea
Premium Pie-Cauli Broc - Each Save $1.20$4.50ea
Premium Pie-Chicken & Roast Veg - Each Save $1.05$4.65ea
Premium Pie-Chunky Steak - Each Save $1.00$4.50ea
Premium Pie-Pepper Steak - Each Save $1.05$4.65ea
Premium Pie-Potato - Each Save $1.00$4.50ea
Premium Pie-Steak & Kidney - Each Save $1.15$4.75ea
Premium Pie-Steak, Red Wine & Mushroom - Each Save $1.05$4.65ea
Quiche-Ham Cheese & Tomato 10cm - Each Save $0.50$4.70ea
Quiche-Spinach Feta Sweetpotato 10cm vegetarian - Each Save $0.50$4.70ea
Sausage Roll-CJ's-Beef - Each Save $0.50$4.50ea
Sausage Roll-Pork & Onion - Each Save $0.50$4.50ea
Spinach & Cheese Feta Pocket (Vegetarian) - Each Save $1.00$4.50ea
Quiche & Pizza Bases
Quiche Lorraine-Family Size-960g - Each Save $1.35$14.65ea
Quiche-Ham Cheese & Tomato Family Size 960gm - Each Save $1.35$14.65ea
Quiche-Spinach Feta & Sweetpotato-Family Size 960gm - Each Save $1.35$14.65ea
Rolls, Bagels & Sticks
Baguettes 120gm - Each Save $0.20$1.40ea
Rolls-Bridge-White 8 Pack - Each Save $0.50$3.50ea
Rolls-Dinner-Multigrain 8 Pack - Each Save $0.50$3.50ea
Rolls-Dinner-White 8 Pack - Each Save $0.50$3.50ea
Rolls-Dinner-Wholemeal 8 Pack - Each Save $0.50$3.50ea
Rolls-Hamburger-Wholemeal Sesame Seeds 4 Pack - Each Save $0.60$3.40ea
Rolls-Hot Dog-White-4 Pack-7inch - Each Save $0.50$3.50ea
Rolls-Lunch-Multigrain 4 Pack - Each Save $0.50$3.50ea
Rolls-Lunch-White 4 Pack - Each Save $0.50$3.50ea
Rolls-Lunch-Wholemeal 4 Pack - Each Save $0.50$3.50ea
Rolls-Shell-White 4 Pack - Each Save $0.50$3.50ea
Rolls-Slider 8 Pack (Small hamburger) - Each Save $0.50$3.50ea
Sandwich Loaves
Bread-Hi Top-Multigrain Loaf Sliced - Each Save $0.60$3.40ea
Bread-Hi Top-Wholemeal Loaf Sliced - Each Save $0.60$3.40ea
Bread-Hi-Top-White Loaf Sliced - Each Save $0.60$3.40ea
Bread-Sandwich-Multigrain-Sliced-650g - Each Save $0.40$3.50ea
Bread-Sandwich-White-Sliced-650g (2 Pack) - Each Save $0.50$6.35ea
Bread-Sandwich-White-Sliced-650gm - Each Save $0.40$3.50ea
Bread-Sandwich-Wholemeal-Sliced-650g (2 Pack) - Each Save $0.50$6.35ea
Bread-Sandwich-Wholemeal-Sliced-650gm - Each Save $0.40$3.50ea
CAFE Bread Medium Sliced Loaf-Multigrain-800gm - Each Save $1.00$4.00ea
CAFE Bread Medium Sliced Loaf-White-800gm - Each Save $1.00$4.00ea
CAFE Bread Medium Sliced Loaf-Wholemeal-800gm - Each Save $1.00$4.00ea
Seasonal Fruit Boxes
Delicious Summer Fruit Box Birthday Special - Each Save $6.00$30.00ea
Coffee & Drinks
Coffee Pods
Aromatico Coffee (6/10)-Pod 10pk - Each Save $0.20$4.79ea
Butter / Spreads
Butter-Salted-Farmer's Table 500g - Each Save $0.29$7.70ea
Nuttelex Original 500g - Each Save $0.20$4.50ea
Cracker Barrel Cheese Extra Sharp 250g - Each Save $0.39$6.95ea
Perfect Italiano Ricotta Original 250g - Each Save $0.49$4.90ea
Philadelphia Cream Cheese-Gluten Free-250g - Each Save $0.50$5.25ea
South Cape-Edam Cheese Wedge-200g - Each Save $0.52$6.28ea
Custard & Dessert
Custard, UHT 1Ltr Foster Clarks - Each Save $0.45$5.30ea
Flavoured Milk
Fleurieu Iced Coffee-No Added Sugar-Lactose Free 500ml - Each Save $0.50$2.99ea
Paris Creek Organic Milk-Purple-Full Cream-on Top-2Ltr - Each Save $0.50$5.90ea
Deli, Dips & Eggs
Arkwright Estate Chilli Kalamata Olives 150g - Each Save $1.00$3.95ea
Arkwright Estate Garlic Kalamata Olives 150g - Each Save $1.00$3.95ea
Chorizo (2) Barossa Fine Foods 250gm - Each Save $0.50$6.75ea
Vienna Sausage 4Pce (Barossa Fine Foods) 300gm - Each Save $0.40$6.50ea
All Fresh Fruit
Apricots - Kg Save $1.45$0.63ea$10.50kg
Bananas-Large - Kg Save $1.40$0.63ea$3.00kg
Bananas-Lunchbox - Kg Save $1.40$0.47ea$3.00kg
Cherries-250g - Each Save $1.50$6.00ea
Grapes-White Seedless Australian - Kg Save $2.00$12.95kg
Limes - Each Save $0.40$1.10ea
Mandarines Premium-Honey Murcott-(Seeded) - Kg Save $0.60$0.66ea$4.40kg
Nectarines-White flesh (RIVERLAND) - Kg Save $0.55$0.80ea$7.95kg
Nectarines-Yellow Flesh (Riverland) - Kg Save $1.00$0.42ea$4.95kg
Peaches-White Flesh-Riverland - Kg Save $1.00$1.38ea$11.50kg
Watermelon Quarter-Seedless (Approx 1.75Kg) - Kg Save $0.30$6.04ea($3.45kg)
Watermelon Whole Uncut-Seedless (Approx 7Kg) - Kg Save $0.40$22.40ea($3.20kg)
Biscuits & Muesli Bars Sweet
Chocolate Tim Tam Arnotts Original 200gm - Each Save $0.40$3.50ea
Oreo Cookies Original 133g - Each Save $0.25$2.25ea
Breakfast Cereal
Weet Bix-Sanitarium 575G - Each Save $0.75$4.00ea
Cake & Pudding Mixes
White Wings Moist Chocolate Cake 370g - Each Save $0.14$2.40ea
Canned Foods
Sirena Tuna in Oil - Lite 95g - Each Save $0.56$2.59ea
Cadbury Cherry Ripe 52 gm - Each Save $0.25$1.75ea
Chocolate Dark-Old Gold 70% 180gm - Each Save $0.42$4.95ea
Chocolate Dark-Roast Almond-Old Gold 180gm - Each Save $0.42$4.95ea
Chocolate Dark-RumNRaisin-Old Jamaica-180g - Each Save $0.42$4.95ea
Chocolate-Caramello Cadbury 180g block - Each Save $0.30$4.69ea
Chocolate-Dairy Milk Cadbury 180gm block - Each Save $0.30$4.69ea
Chocolate-Dream White Cadbury 180 gm - Each Save $0.79$4.20ea
Chocolate-Fruit & Nut Cadbury 180gm block - Each Save $0.30$4.69ea
Chocolate-Peppermint Cadbury 180gm block - Each Save $0.30$4.69ea
Chocolate-Roast Almond Cadbury 180g block - Each Save $0.30$4.69ea
Chocolate-Top Deck Cadbury 180gm block - Each Save $0.30$4.69ea
Snickers 50gm - Each Save $0.25$1.75ea
Violet Crumble 50g - Each Save $0.30$1.70ea
Cooking Ingredients
Pampas Puff Pastry-1Kg-Frozen - Each Save $0.79$6.50ea
Ritz Original 300g - Each Save $0.15$3.75ea
Mangoes in Juice-Goulburn Valley 650gm - Each Save $0.31$5.98ea
Praise Mayonnaisse Traditional-470gm - Each Save $0.62$5.93ea
Flour & Bread Mix
Instant Dry Yeast - Rekord 500g - Each Save $1.00$5.50ea
Wholemeal Flour-Laucke-1Kg - Each Save $0.95$3.00ea
Free Magazine
The Greatest Kitchen Guide-Australian Beef FREE - Each Save $0.00$0.00ea
Frozen Meals
Chefs Edge Arancini Mush, Spin & Moz FROZ 800g - Each Save $0.95$15.00ea
Mancini Gnocchi Potato 500g - Each Save $0.50$8.25ea
Herbs & Spices
Saxa Natural Black Peppercorn Grinder 45g - Each Save $0.45$4.95ea
Saxa Natural Sea Salt Grinder 90g - Each Save $0.45$4.95ea
Pasta, Noodles & Pasta Sauces
Pasta-Large Shells #29 San Remo-500gm - Each Save $1.08$4.50ea
Penne-San Remo-500g - Each Save $1.40$3.25ea
Pickles, Relishes & Spreads
Nutella-Ferrero-Hazelnut Spread 220gm - Each Save $0.30$4.30ea
Sauces & Salsas
The Original Australian-BBQ Sauce 410g - Each Save $1.40$8.50ea
Tandaco Coating Mix Salt & Pepper 75g - Each Save $0.78$2.00ea
Tandaco Coating Mix Seasoned Fish 75g - Each Save $0.10$2.68ea
Tandaco Coating Mix Southern Fried Chicken 75g - Each Save $1.55$1.40ea
Simmer Sauces, Slow Cooker & Curry
Taste of India-Tikka Masala Sauce 425g - Each Save $0.25$5.65ea
Soup Heinz Cream of Chicken Condensed 420g - Each Save $0.65$2.00ea
Soup Heinz Split Pea & Ham Condensed 420g - Each Save $0.65$2.00ea
Soup-Campbell's Chunky Ravioli, Beef & Tomato 505g - Each Save $0.95$4.00ea
Soup-Continental Chicken Lots of Noodles 60gm - Each Save $0.50$1.50ea
Vinegar-Apple Cider-Cornwells-750ml - Each Save $0.25$4.74ea
Health & Beauty
Baby Care
Nature's Quest-Tiny Tots Bubble Bath-250ml - Each Save $1.09$6.90ea
Hair Care
Nature's Quest-Lavender Conditioner-250ml - Each Save $0.45$6.50ea
Nature's Quest-Lavender Conditioner-500ml - Each Save $0.75$9.50ea
Nature's Quest-Lavender Shampoo-500ml - Each Save $0.75$9.50ea
Nature's Quest-Moroccan Argan Oil-Organic-50ml - Each Save $1.95$21.00ea
Personal Hygiene
Deodorant-Rexona for Men Original Aerosol 150g/250ml - Each Save $0.34$7.20ea
Skin Care
Nature's Quest-Rosehip Oil Organic-25ml - Each Save $1.95$16.00ea
Tissues Durasoft 180 - Each Save $0.26$1.99ea
Cleaning Products
Floor Cleaner-Ajax Lemon-750ml - Each Save $0.49$4.00ea
General Household
Disposable Face Masks-3 Layers of Protection-Pack of 5 - Each Save $0.50$7.50ea
Freezer Bags 40 Large Tear Off 45x30 - Multix - Each Save $0.44$2.95ea
Sponge Scourers Heavy Duty-Hercules 10 Pack - Each Save $0.32$2.95ea
Earth Choice Laundry Top & Front Loader 1Ltr - Each Save $0.26$3.49ea
All Australian Beef
Beef-Bones-Neck (Soup) Frozen 2kg approx - Each Save $5.40$9.50ea
Beef-Corned Silverside-Approx Weight 2Kg - Kg Save $1.84$19.50ea($9.75kg)
Beef-Strips - KG Save $3.49$18.50kg
Beef-Strips 400g pack - EACH Save $1.49$8.00ea
MSA-Beef Fillet Steak-Medium - KG Save $7.00$8.40ea$55.99kg
MSA-Beef Scotch Fillet Steak-Medium - Kg Save $3.50$10.40ea$52.00kg
MSA-Beef Scotch Fillet Steak-Med-Pepper Sprinkle - Kg Save $3.50$10.92ea$52.00kg
MSA-Beef Scotch Fillet Steak-Med-Red Wine/Garlic - Kg Save $3.50$10.92ea$52.00kg
MSA-Beef Scotch Fillet Steak-Med-Roast Tom/Garlic - Kg Save $3.50$10.92ea$52.00kg
MSA-Beef Scotch Fillet Steak-Med-Tasty BBQ - Kg Save $3.50$10.92ea$52.00kg
All Australian Chicken
Chicken-Breast-Diced - Kg Save $1.90$16.00kg
Chicken-Breast-Diced-Korma - Kg Save $1.50$17.40kg
Chicken-Breast-Diced-Lemon Marinade - Kg Save $1.50$17.40kg
Chicken-Breast-Diced-Tandoori Marinade - Kg Save $1.50$17.40kg
Chicken-Breast-Diced-Yiros Marinade - Kg Save $1.50$17.40kg
Chicken-Breast-Strips - KG Save $2.10$17.40kg
Chicken-Breast-Strips-Yiros - Kg Save $2.10$17.40kg
Chicken-Maryland-Bone in-Skin on-400g approx. - Kg Save $1.70$3.74ea($8.50kg)
Chicken-Maryland-Boneless-Skin on - Kg Save $1.04$4.35ea$14.50kg
Chicken-Maryland-No Bone or Skin-Thigh & Drumstick - KG Save $1.00$3.63ea$14.50kg
Chicken-Thigh-Fillets-Skin ON - Kg Save $2.60$2.38ea$14.90kg
Chicken-Wings 1 KG minimum - Kg Save $1.00$6.50kg
Chicken-Wings-BBQ marinade-1Kg min - Kg Save $0.50$7.50kg
Meat-Lamb & Pork
All Australian Lamb
Lamb-Fore 1/4-Chops-Economy Packs-1kg min. wt. - Kg Save $1.09$16.90ea$16.90kg
Lamb-Leg-Boneless/Rolled approx 2kg-Mint sprinkle - Kg Save $2.00$41.98ea($20.99kg)
Lamb-Leg-Boneless/Rolled approx 2kg-Plain - Kg Save $1.50$41.98ea($20.99kg)
Lamb-Leg-Boneless/Rolled approx 2kg-Tandoori - Kg Save $2.00$41.98ea($20.99kg)
Lamb-Leg-Boneless/Rolled approx 2kg-Yiros sprinkle - Kg Save $2.00$41.98ea($20.99kg)
Lamb-Loin-Chops-Medium - Kg Save $3.99$2.66ea$28.00kg
Lamb-Loin-Chops-Thick - Kg Save $3.99$3.36ea$28.00kg
Lamb-Loin-Rack of 4 Chops-approx 450g - KG Save $3.09$14.81ea($32.90kg)
Lamb-Loin-Rack of 6 Chops-approx 750g - KG Save $3.09$24.68ea($32.90kg)
Lamb-Loin-Rack of 8 Chops-approx 950g - KG Save $3.09$31.26ea($32.90kg)
All Australian Pork
Pork-Belly Roast-Rind On-1Kg Minimum - Kg Save $2.00$16.99kg
Pork-Diced - Kg Save $2.00$16.99kg
Pork-Diced-400g - Each Save $1.00$6.99ea
Pork-Loin-Boneless-Butterfly Steak - Kg Save $2.00$3.04ea$18.99kg
Pork-Loin-Boneless-Steak - Kg Save $2.00$1.90ea$18.99kg
Pork-Loin-Chops - Kg Save $2.00$3.60ea$17.99kg
Pork-Loin-Chops-Economy Pack 1 KG - Kg Save $2.00$17.50ea($16.99kg)
Pork-Loin-Chops-Honey Soy Marinade - Kg Save $3.00$3.60ea$17.99kg
Pork-Loin-Cutlet Rind On - Kg Save $2.00$6.08ea$18.99kg
Pork-Loin-Cutlet-Crumbed - Kg Save $2.00$5.77ea$20.99kg
Pork-Loin-Steak-Schnitzel/Crumbed - Kg Save $2.09$3.58ea$17.90kg
Pork-Strips - Kg Save $2.00$16.99kg
Pork-Strips-400g - Each Save $0.99$7.00ea
All Sausages & Chevaps
Chevapchichi-Beef-Gluten Free 480gm - Each Save $1.00$5.90ea
Sausages-BBQ Thin-Gluten & Dairy Free-1 KG pack - Each Save $1.00$7.50ea
Sausages-BBQ Thin-Gluten & Dairy Free-2KG pack - Each Save $3.25$13.00ea
Sausages-Greek Rose&Garlic Gluten Free 480gm - Each Save $0.60$6.30ea
Australian Bacon
Bacon-Middle-Rind off-KRC-Sliced-1Kg - Kg Save $1.50$19.50kg
Nuts & Nibbles
Corn, Potato Chips, Popcorn
Chips Smith's Crinkle Cut Chicken 170g - Each Save $0.45$3.50ea
Chips Smith's Thinly Cut Original 175gm - Each Save $0.45$3.50ea
Chips Smith's Thinly Cut Salt and Vinegar 175g - Each Save $0.45$3.50ea
Dried Fruit
Fruit Wraps-Apple & Apricot-14gms - Each Save $0.29$0.70ea
Almonds-Barossa-500g-Aust - Each Save $1.40$8.50ea
Almonds-Dry Roasted Aust-Natures Delight-500g - Each Save $1.00$12.80ea
Cashews Roasted Salted-Natures Delight-400gm - Each Save $1.00$12.99ea
Roasted Fruit & Nut Mix-Natures Delight-500g - Each Save $1.68$5.75ea
Natural Hand Sanitiser-Natures Quest-240ml 70% - Each Save $0.45$8.50ea
Natural Hand Sanitiser-Natures Quest-50ml 70% - Each Save $0.45$3.80ea
Sanitiser-Liquid Hand & Surface-Vittorio-375ml - Each Save $8.38$8.37ea
All Fresh Vegetables
Beans-Stringless Hand Picked -100g - Each Save $0.70$1.50ea
Beans-Stringless Hand Picked 1Kg - Each Save $8.00$11.95ea
Beans-Stringless Hand Picked-300g - Each Save $3.45$2.50ea
Broccoli - Kg Save $2.00$1.83ea$4.95kg
Brussel Sprouts 1KG - Each Save $6.00$15.95ea
Brussels Sprouts-250gm - Each Save $0.75$4.50ea
Brussels Sprouts-400g - Each Save $1.00$8.50ea
Cabbage-Savoy-Half - Each Save ($0.09)$2.99ea
Cabbage-White-Half - Each Save $0.60$1.95ea
Cabbage-White-Quarter - Each Save $0.30$0.95ea
Cabbage-White-Whole - Each Save $1.35$3.60ea
Cauliflower-White-Half - Each Save $0.80$2.95ea
Cauliflower-White-Whole - Each Save $1.45$4.50ea
Cucumber-Continental - Each Save $0.75$1.75ea
Cucumber-Lebanese - Kg Save $1.00$0.67ea$3.95kg
Cucumber-Mini Lebanese-250g - Each Save $0.30$3.60ea
Eggplant - Kg Save $0.80$2.24ea$6.40kg
Garlic-Knob-Spanish approx 100gm ea - Kg Save $10.05$1.50ea($14.95kg)
Lettuce-Cos - Each Save $0.40$3.50ea
Lettuce-Standard Iceberg - Each Save $0.90$3.50ea
Peas-Snow-100gm pack - Each Save $0.11$2.84ea
Peas-Snow-150gm pack - Each Save $1.17$4.19ea
Potatoes-Cocktail - Kg Save $0.25$0.19ea$3.75kg
Tomatoes-Cherry-250gms - Each Save $0.51$2.95ea
Tomatoes-Cherry-250g-Pack of 2 - Each Save $0.63$5.70ea
Tomatoes-Premium - Kg Save $0.55$0.79ea$4.95kg
Tomatoes-Small - Kg Save $1.00$0.40ea$3.95kg
Tomatoes-Truss - Kg Save $1.50$0.90ea$6.40kg
Zucchini - Kg Save $0.90$0.64ea$4.00kg
Chives-Bunch - Each Save $0.25$3.95ea
Ginger-Piece - Kg Save $6.00$5.88ea($49.00kg)
Parsley-Curly Leaf-Bunch - Each Save $0.10$2.70ea
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