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All Organics
Coffee & Drinks
Corporate Fruit
Deli, Dips & Eggs
Fish & Seafood
Health & Beauty
Meal-Recipe & Ingr
Meat-Bulk & BBQ
Meat-Lamb & Pork
Meat-Sams Special
Nuts & Nibbles
Pet Food
All Organics
All Organic Groceries
Pasta Sauce-Basil & Garlic-Organic-Jensen-400g - Each Save $0.65$5.00ea
Pasta Sauce-Red Wine & Herbs-Organic-Jensen-400g - Each Save $0.65$5.00ea
Vanilla Essence-Natural Organic-100ml Queen-ACO - Each Save $0.13$9.23ea
Apples Granny Smith-small-ORGANIC - Kg Save $1.00$0.80ea$7.95kg
Bananas-Grima-Organic-in Conversion - Kg Save $1.66$0.99ea$4.50kg
Cucumber-Lebanese-Organic - Kg Save $1.25$1.79ea$12.75kg
Parsnips-ORGANIC 500g - Each Save $0.25$8.25ea
Potatoes-Brushed Sebago-ORGANIC-1KG - Each Save $0.20$4.70ea
Rolls, Bagels & Sticks
Bagels-Blueberry-4pack-Frozen - Each Save $0.76$5.74ea
Bagels-White-4pack - Each Save $0.75$5.74ea
Coffee & Drinks
Coffee Pods
Coffee Pods La Crema Espresso 12 Pods - Each Save $2.30$6.50ea
Tea Bags
Lipton Black Tea Bags 100pk 200g - Each Save $2.00$5.95ea
Butter / Spreads
Butter-Salted-Caterers' Choice 500g - Each Save $1.57$7.00ea
Camembert-Australian Gold-115g - Each Save $0.44$4.25ea
Sour Cream-Lite-Dairy Farmers 250gm - Each Save $0.20$3.59ea
Spark Apple & Str Juice-Ashton Valley-750ml - Each Save $0.66$4.99ea
Sparkling Apple & Pine Juice-Ashton Valley-750ml - Each Save $0.66$4.99ea
Sparkling Apple Juice-Ashton Valley-750ml - Each Save $0.66$4.99ea
Deli, Dips & Eggs
Dips & Pate
Dip-Oriental Pumpkin-Adelaide Hills-150g - Each Save $1.30$3.50ea
Dip-Sundried Tom&Cashew-Adelaide Hills-150g - Each Save $1.30$3.50ea
Eggs Ex Large-McGwerriton-Dzn-700g ACO - Each Save $1.00$10.50ea
Arkwright Estate Chilli Kalamata Olives 150g - Each Save $0.25$4.70ea
Arkwright Estate Chilli Kalamata Olives 350g - Each Save $1.00$8.95ea
Arkwright Estate Garlic Kalamata Olives 150g - Each Save $0.25$4.70ea
Arkwright Estate Garlic Kalamata Olives 350g - Each Save $1.00$8.95ea
Arkwright Estate Herb Kalamata Olives 350g - Each Save $1.00$8.95ea
Arkwright Estate Olivemite 190g - Each Save $1.00$5.95ea
Arkwright Estate Traditional Kalamata Olives 1.5KG - Each Save $3.00$19.95ea
Arkwright Estate Traditional Kalamata Olives 150g - Each Save $0.25$4.70ea
Arkwright Estate Traditional Kalamata Olives 350g - Each Save $1.00$8.95ea
Arkwright Estate Traditional Kalamata Olives 700g - Each Save $1.00$12.95ea
Smoked Chicken Breast (Barossa Fine Foods) 100gm - Each Save $0.40$4.59ea
Fish & Seafood
All Seafood
Prawns-SA King-Cooked-Whole-Large FROZEN-1kg - Each Save $6.00$30.00ea
Whiting-King George-Fillets approx 65gm Aust - Kg Save $2.95$3.77ea($57.95kg)
Prawns-SA King-Cooked-Whole-Large-FROZEN-500gm - Each Save $2.95$15.00ea
All Fresh Fruit
Apples-Golden Delicious-Lunchbox - Kg Save $1.00$0.52ea$4.00kg
Avocado-Hass - Each Save $0.27$2.95ea
Avocado-Hass-Medium (2 Pack) - Each Save $0.30$5.70ea
Grapes-Red Seedless-Crimson - Kg Save $1.25$6.25kg
Grapes-White Seedless-Thompson - Kg Save $0.84$6.66kg
Kiwifruit Gold (NZ) - Each Save $0.11$0.85ea
Kiwifruit-Pack of 4-Australian - Each Save $0.20$3.55ea
Lemons (AUS GROWN) - Kg Save $0.85$0.63ea$3.95kg
Limes - Each Save $0.50$0.85ea
Mandarines-Imperial (Seedless) Premium - Kg Save $1.34$0.36ea$4.00kg
Oranges-Navel - Kg Save $1.00$0.79ea$3.95kg
Oranges-Navel 3KG Prepack - Each Save $1.84$5.50ea
Papaya Whole-approx 2Kg - Kg Save $1.55$15.90ea($7.95kg)
Passionfruit - Each Save $0.05$1.90ea
Pineapple Gold-Half - Each Save $0.23$3.50ea
Pomegranate - Each Save $1.00$3.90ea
Quinces - Kg Save $2.00$1.38ea($3.95kg)
Asian Groceries
Coconut Cream-Regal-Thai 400ml - Each Save $0.29$1.70ea
Coconut Milk-Regal Thai-400ml - Each Save $0.29$1.70ea
Biscuits & Muesli Bars Sweet
Arnott's Mint Slice 200g - Each Save $0.97$4.40ea
Oreo Cookies Original 133g - Each Save $0.50$2.00ea
Breakfast Cereal
Honey Toasted Gourmet Muesli-Fruitwise-450g - Each Save ($0.83)$7.95ea
Muesli-Org Rolled Oats & Nat Fruit(Fruitwise)500g - Each Save $1.04$7.95ea
Toasted Muesli-Trumps-1KG - Each Save $0.95$9.00ea
Canned Foods
Sirena Tuna in Oil Italian Style 95g - Each Save $0.20$2.95ea
Violet Crumble 50g - Each Save $0.30$1.45ea
Coffee & Tea
Coffee-Nescafe Gold Original 200gm - Each Save $2.79$16.00ea
Arnott's Shapes-Originals-Pizza 190gm - Each Save $0.47$3.95ea
Arnotts-Jatz Original 225g - Each Save $0.45$3.50ea
Bread Chips-Tottis-Plain with Sea Salt- 80g - Each Save $0.40$1.50ea
Ritz Original 300g - Each Save $0.65$3.25ea
Dairy Substitute
Tofu-Soft-TLY 300g - Each Save $1.70$3.25ea
Flour & Bread Mix
Flour-Plain All Purpose-1kg - Each Save $0.70$3.29ea
Flour-Self Raising-1kg - Each Save $0.70$3.29ea
Instant Dry Yeast - Rekord 500g - Each Save $0.45$5.90ea
Wholemeal Flour 1KG - Each Save $0.45$3.50ea
Herbs & Spices
Saxa Natural Black Peppercorn Grinder 45g - Each Save $0.30$5.40ea
Saxa Natural Sea Salt Grinder 90g - Each Save $0.30$5.40ea
Chips Smith's Thinly Cut Original 175gm - Each Save $0.41$3.85ea
Chips Smith's Thinly Cut Sour Cream & Onion 175g - Each Save $0.41$3.85ea
Pasta, Noodles & Pasta Sauces
Dolmio Extra-Tom/Onion/Rst Garlic Pasta Sce 500gm - Each Save $0.30$3.65ea
Linguine-DeCecco 500g - Each Save $0.15$3.60ea
Noodles Fresh Hokkien-Thin-Fresh-Fantastic 450gm - Each Save $0.35$3.15ea
Orgran-Rice & Corn Spirals (Gluten Free) 250g - Each Save $0.87$2.90ea
Pasta-Large Shells #29-500gm - Each Save $1.23$4.35ea
Penne-San Remo-500g - Each Save $1.40$3.25ea
Spaghetti-San Remo-500g - Each Save $0.50$3.29ea
Cornichons Baby Gherkin-Siena 350g - Each Save $0.25$2.00ea
Leabrook Farms-Australian Dill Cucumbers 275g - Each Save $0.13$4.70ea
Rice & Grains
Basmati Rice-1Kg - Each Save $0.85$5.70ea
Regal Thai Wholegrain Rice Vermicelli 250g - Each Save $0.40$2.45ea
Rice White-Long Grain-1Kg - Each Save $0.74$4.15ea
Rice-Jasmine 1Kg - Each Save $1.27$6.50ea
D.L.Jardine's 5-Star Barbecue Sauce 510g - Each Save $0.85$9.50ea
D.L.Jardine's Chik'n Lik'n Marinade Sauce 510g - Each Save $0.85$9.50ea
D.L.Jardine's Mesquite Barbecue Sauce 510g - Each Save $0.85$9.50ea
Leabrook Farms-Moroccan Slow Cooking Sauce 520g - Each Save $0.21$6.10ea
Taste of India Butter Chicken Sauce 425g - Each Save $0.45$5.50ea
Taste of India Korma Sauce 425g - Each Save $0.45$5.50ea
Taste of India Rogan Josh Sauce 425g - Each Save $0.45$5.50ea
Taste of India Tikka Masala Sauce 425g - Each Save $0.45$5.50ea
The Original Australian-BBQ Sauce 410g - Each Save $0.40$9.50ea
Tandaco Coating Mix Salt & Pepper 75g - Each Save $0.10$2.68ea
Tandaco Coating Mix Seasoned Fish 75g - Each Save $0.10$2.68ea
Tandaco Coating Mix Southern Fried Chicken 75g - Each Save $0.10$2.68ea
Simmer Sauces
Kashmiri Butter Chicken-GF-Taylors-485g - Each Save $0.30$4.69ea
Slow Cooker-Beef&Red Wine Casserole-McCormick 40g - Each Save $0.30$1.69ea
Slow Cooker-Chunky Beef Stroganoff-McCormick-40gm - Each Save $0.30$1.69ea
Slow Cooker-Country Style Chicken-McCormick-40gm - Each Save $0.30$1.69ea
Slow Cooker-Garlic&Herb Lamb Shanks-McCormick-40gm - Each Save $0.30$1.69ea
Slow Cooker-Mild Chicken Curry-McCormick-40gm - Each Save $0.30$1.69ea
Taylors-Thai Green Curry-500g - Each Save $0.30$4.69ea
Marble Hill Spring Water 10 Ltr - Each Save $0.20$4.79ea
Health & Beauty
Tissues Durasoft 180 - Each Save $0.50$2.00ea
Toilet Paper
Toilet Tissue-Enviro Plus-Bioactive 2ply (400) - Each Save $0.39$1.49ea
Bathox Shower Gel Aloe Vera 500ml - Each Save $0.62$3.90ea
Bathox Shower Gel Anti-Stress 500ml - Each Save $0.62$3.90ea
Bathox Shower Gel Herbal Bath 500ml - Each Save $0.62$3.90ea
Bathox Shower Gel Lavender 500ml - Each Save $0.62$3.90ea
Bathox Shower Gel Milk & Honey 500ml - Each Save $0.62$3.90ea
Cleaning Products
Mr Muscle Total Kitchen Antibacterial Spray 500ml - Each Save $1.75$6.75ea
General Household
Matches-Redheads 90mm long 45pk - Each Save $0.20$3.60ea
Earth Choice Laundry Top & Front Loader 1Ltr - Each Save $0.26$3.49ea
Supreme Laundry Liquid Ultra Fresh 2Lt - Each Save $0.25$4.95ea
Supreme-Soaker & In Wash Booster Oxy Active 1KG - Each Save $0.25$4.95ea
All Australian Beef
Beef-BBQ Blade Steak-Medium - Kg Save $1.00$3.80ea$18.99kg
Beef-BBQ Blade Steak-Med-Pepper Sprinkle - Kg Save $1.00$3.99ea$18.99kg
Beef-BBQ Blade Steak-Med-Red Wine & Garlic - Kg Save $1.00$3.99ea$18.99kg
Beef-BBQ Blade Steak-Med-Roast Tom & Garlic - Kg Save $1.00$3.99ea$18.99kg
Beef-BBQ Blade Steak-Med-Tasty BBQ Marinade - Kg Save $1.00$3.99ea$18.99kg
Beef-Blade Bolar Roast - Kg Save $1.49$18.00kg
MSA-Beef Rump Steak-Med-No Marinade - Kg Save $2.99$9.20ea$23.00kg
MSA-Beef Rump Steak-Med-Pepper Steak - Kg Save $2.99$9.43ea$23.00kg
MSA-Beef Rump Steak-Med-Red Wine/Garlic - Kg Save $2.99$9.43ea$23.00kg
MSA-Beef Rump Steak-Med-Roast Tomato/Garlic - Kg Save $2.99$9.43ea$23.00kg
MSA-Beef Rump Steak-Med-Tasty BBQ Marinade - Kg Save $2.99$9.43ea$23.00kg
MSA-Beef Rump Steak-Sliced-No Marinade 1kg pack - Each Save $2.99$23.00ea
MSA-Beef Topside-Roast - Kg Save $4.50$16.99kg
MSA-Beef Topside-Roast with Pepper Sprinkle - Kg Save $3.00$18.99kg
All Australian Chicken
Chicken-Breast-Fillet-Skin off 2Kg Bulk Pack Only - Each Save $2.51$27.99ea
Chicken-Thigh-Fillets-Skin ON - Kg Save $2.50$3.00ea$15.00kg
Chicken-Whole Bird-1.5 kg Approx - Kg Save $1.19$11.70ea($7.80kg)
Chicken-Whole Bird-Apricot/Walnut/Raisin-1.7kg - Kg Save $0.49$15.64ea($9.20kg)
Chicken-Whole Bird-Bacon Mushroom Seasoning 1.7Kg - Kg Save $0.49$15.64ea($9.20kg)
Meat-Lamb & Pork
All Australian Lamb
Lamb-Fore 1/4-Chops with Savoury & Mint sprinkle - Kg Save $2.99$2.56ea$16.00kg
Lamb-Fore 1/4-Chops-Economy Packs-1kg min. wt. - Kg Save $2.99$15.00ea$15.00kg
Lamb-Leg-Boneless/Rolled approx 2kg-Mint sprinkle - Kg Save $3.00$39.98ea($19.99kg)
Lamb-Leg-Boneless/Rolled approx 2kg-Plain - Kg Save $2.50$39.98ea($19.99kg)
Lamb-Leg-Boneless/Rolled approx 2kg-Tandoori - Kg Save $3.00$39.98ea($19.99kg)
Lamb-Leg-Boneless/Rolled approx 2kg-Yiros sprinkle - Kg Save $3.00$39.98ea($19.99kg)
Lamb-Loin-Rack of 4 Chops-approx 350g - KG Save $3.09$11.52ea($32.90kg)
Lamb-Loin-Rack of 6 Chops-approx 500g - KG Save $3.09$16.45ea($32.90kg)
Lamb-Loin-Rack of 8 Chops-approx 650g - KG Save $3.09$21.39ea($32.90kg)
Lamb-Shank-Frozen-approx. 400g - KG Save $2.80$5.20ea($12.99kg)
All Australian Pork
Pork-Belly Roast-Rind On-1Kg Minimum - Kg Save $2.00$16.99kg
Pork-Loin Roast-Boneless-Rindless - Kg Save $3.00$19.99kg
Pork-Loin-Boneless-Steak - Kg Save $2.00$1.90ea$18.99kg
Texas Burgers (4)-Gluten free FROZEN 480gm - Each Save $0.41$6.49ea
Ham-Boneless Virg Honey Leg Ham-GF-750g - Each Save $2.35$11.00ea
Chicken Rissoles (6) Gluten Free FROZEN 480gm - Each Save $0.21$5.99ea
Smallgoods - Various
Bertocchi Pork Fritz Approx 500g - Kg Save $2.00$4.98ea($9.95kg)
Nuts & Nibbles
Confectionery & Nibbles
Soya Crisps-Natures Delight 450gm - Each Save $1.00$8.90ea
Dried Fruit
Dates Pitted-Natures Delight-Iran-200g - Each Save $0.50$2.00ea
Fruit Wraps-Apple & Apricot-14gms - Each Save $0.13$0.86ea
Pet Food
Cat & Dog Delights
Bow Wow Pigs Ear - Each Save $0.15$3.00ea
Sanitiser-Liquid Hand & Surface-Vittorio-375ml - Each Save $4.00$12.75ea
All Vegetables
Brussel Sprouts 1KG - Each Save $2.90$12.00ea
Brussels Sprouts-250gm - Each Save $0.75$3.75ea
Brussels Sprouts-400g - Each Save $2.00$6.50ea
Cabbage-Chinese-Half - Each Save $1.01$3.59ea
Cabbage-Chinese-Whole - Each Save $1.24$6.26ea
Cabbage-Red-Half - Each Save $0.35$3.45ea
Cabbage-Red-Quarter - Each Save $0.27$1.72ea
Cabbage-Red-Whole - Each Save $1.00$5.95ea
Cabbage-Savoy-Half - Each Save $0.40$3.45ea
Cabbage-Savoy-Quarter - Each Save $0.32$1.88ea
Cabbage-Savoy-Whole - Each Save $1.00$5.95ea
Cabbage-White-Half - Each Save $0.49$2.50ea
Cabbage-White-Whole - Each Save $0.40$4.80ea
Celery-Whole - Each Save $0.24$5.26ea
Corn on the Cob - Each Save $0.06$1.74ea
Cucumber-Continental - Each Save $0.31$1.95ea
Cucumber-Mini Lebanese-250g - Each Save $0.30$3.60ea
Fennel-Medium - Each Save $1.00$1.95ea
Lettuce-Standard Iceberg - Each Save $0.30$3.95ea
Potatoes-Blue Moon - Kg Save $1.55$0.59ea$2.95kg
Potatoes-Cocktail - Kg Save $0.66$0.17ea$3.34kg
Potatoes-Premium - Kg Save $0.80$0.59ea$2.95kg
Potatoes-Premium-Large - Kg Save $1.45$0.75ea$2.50kg
Potatoes-Red-Desiree - Kg Save $0.84$0.99ea$4.50kg
Potatoes-Standard-5KG Prepack - Each Save $1.00$6.95ea
Pumpkin-Butternut-HALF (Approx 1Kg) - Kg Save $1.45$1.95ea($1.95kg)
Pumpkin-Butternut-WHOLE (Approx 2 Kg) - Kg Save $1.70$3.00ea($1.50kg)
Pumpkin-Jap-Cut - Kg Save $1.68$2.00kg
Pumpkin-Jap-Whole-(Approx 4kg each) - Kg Save $1.50$7.60ea($1.90kg)
Swede - Kg Save $1.00$1.43ea$5.95kg
Sweetpotato-Gold-Medium - Kg Save $0.44$1.73ea$3.46kg
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